Mema’s Strawberry Pie

Whenever I was sick or down, or wanted to celebrate for no reason in particular, Mema was always to the rescue with some of her amazing, made from scratch recipes. You know the ones. That at 89, she can remember learning how to cook in home ec in her small town douglas county classroom, some 75 years ago. 

One of my very most favorite delicious home made goodness recipes is one I have special memories tied to. Picture 8 year old Jess- scraggly long waves locks and big cheeks rosy red from playing hard all day with my brother, running around mema’s back yard all day until we were slap wore out and then coming in for supper then dessert. Or the very first night I brought my son home from the hospital- Mema brought it over along with a scrumptious pot roast stew. Yep, strawberry pie. Now, she always corrects me when I call it this since it’s more of a cobbler as it’s made in a casserole dish. But strawberry pie just rolls off the tongue better- plus cobbler makes me think of the crusty mush that the lunch ladies use to plop on the top right hand corner of our trays in elementary. Hardly as appetizing as the heavenly goodness I’m about to unveil to you here. 

I had the great pleasure of coming over this afternoon and helping( more like watching, taking notes, and of course taste testing) the entire process. 

So with out further ado- mema’s strawberry pie

For filling- you’ll need 

2 pints of strawberries washed de-stemmed and sliced.

Spray casserole dish with Pam

Layer sliced strawberries in dish. 

3/4 cup sugar sprinkled over, Salt shaker sprinkled over(because measuring stuff is for sissies and ground cinnamon sprinkled over the top.

1/2 stick of butter cut into pats and placed on top

For crust

1 cup all purpose flour salt sprinkled on flour flattened in bowl

Ice water- let sit until it gets real cold-

1/4 cup Wesson oil plus

1/8 cup of ice water(about 2+ deep tablespoons)

Mix oil/water into flour while stirring into flour with a fork. Press it into the flour until well mixed together. Don’t use all the flour, just mix enough until sticks together in a sticky ball. 

(Use leftover flour in bowl to sprinkle on wax paper.)

Wash hands

Roll out wax paper

Sprinkle leftover flour on paper and place dough ball on.

Use second sheet of wax paper on top of ball, roll out with rolling pin

Until really thin uncover top sheet and pick up bottom sheet with dough on it, flip on top of casserole, get edges off dough on one side and just peel wax paper off.

Trim hanging edges and then use leftover dough to press around edges 

Poke holes in the top towards the middle to keep juices from coming out the sides

Bake at 400 for 10 min, then turn down to 350 and bake for 30 min


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